Happy Mother’s Day

To the person who brought me into this world,
Happy Mother’s Day.

I grew up not knowing who you are
or where you’re from
but it doesn’t matter, really.

I can’t truly consider you a parent.

You left me.
That kinda means you gave up the privileges.

Don’t worry, though.
I don’t have a grudge against you.
I used to, but not anymore.
I’m at peace with it all now, I guess.

All I want to say is thank you.
Thank you for allowing me to live on this planet.
Even if the conditions that led up to my birth were unfavorable and harsh.

I hope you’re doing fine
with your family wherever you are.

I hope my brother’s alright,
growing up in a love-filled environment
with you and his father.

To my mom, to my birth parent, to the person who gave me life,
Happy Mother’s Day.


Parallel Lines Aren’t The Most Painful Representations Of People

I always hear people saying that it’s sad how parallel lines never meet. They’re so close to each other and yet, they aren’t given the chance to interact. But parallel lines aren’t the most painful representations of people.

In life, there are certain people around you who can be compared to parallel lines. They’re simply there alongside you, going in the same direction, but you never get to know them personally. At least, you don’t grow attached to them. That way, you won’t get hurt when they leave. Same is true with asymptotes. These are lines which continuously approach a given curve but never, ever touch it.

When we were discussing graphs of rational functions in class, asymptotes were introduced to us. The moment its definition was uttered, the class erupted in a series of “awwww”s and other pained sounds. Just shows how many of us could relate to it. Nandiyan na eh, pero ‘di mo manlang makausap o makahalubilo kahit papalapit ka nang papalapit. It simply isn’t meant to be. But then, not being able to get to know someone personally gives you an advantage: you don’t grow attached.

That’s where the intersecting lines come in.

These simple lines represent one painful concept. You see, intersecting lines meet at one point but after that, they are never to cross paths again. There are a lot of people you encounter throughout the course of your life, but they all come and go; even those whom you thought would stay. It’s quite painful how, when you get so used to someone’s presence, they leave; whether it be of their free will or otherwise.

It’s hurts even more when you consider how life goes on even when they have already left you. You can’t help but remember all the good times you once had and you’re left wanting to go back to your past. There’s a gaping hole in your person because of their departure and you simply can’t imagine how life could possibly go on, now that they are no longer in the picture. It’s simply upsetting how at some point, you used to be so close; you couldn’t be separated. You went through thick and thin together, went past all the hurdles that life would send your way with the other right beside you. But then you began to drift apart, ceasing to call each other “friends” and starting to refer to the other as a “stranger”.

Now, all you only ever think about is of what used to be and how it all went wrong.

Near – Breaking Point

There are days when even the most trivial things can get on my nerves. My temper flares even at the slightest provocation and I get really worked up. Challenge me to a debate match on one of these days and I’d probably be yelling within ten minutes (maybe even less).

During these times, I find that my patience is as short as I am (and that’s saying a lot since I’m not even 5 feet tall). Try to say something stupid or ask a question that can easily be answered if you used your common sense and I’ll punch you. See my eyes? They’re rolling like bowling balls inside their sockets. That’s how annoyed I am.

Seriously though, it seems as if “common sense” doesn’t deserve its name anymore; it’s barely even “common” nowadays. It’s frutrating.

Say for example, you walk along the corridor of your school and someone throws a candy wrapper just wherever. I find myself staring daggers at them and they don’t even notice. There’s a trash can right beside you and you don’t make use of it. Do you want me to throw you out of the window? No? Well, you should know better than to litter in front of me. *sighs dramatically* In my opinion and perspective, too many annoying and ‘common sense’-less people exist and it just drives me insane.

I don’t honestly know what the point of this entire thing is *gestures toward the text I wrote above* but, maybe I just want to let out all these pent up feelings. 

To Change or Not To Change

We always seem to question the people around us. We almost always criticize their ways and the outputs they create. We are always on the ready to point out other people’s mistakes, no matter how little, and ridicule them for their wrongdoing. Did we even bother considering that these people are also humans who commit mistakes? Hell, even the best of machines have that 0.01% chance of messing up. Nothing can ever be perfect. Nothing.

Before we go about demanding for change in society, we should look at ourselves first. We go around criticizing every person we see and mentioning how they could ‘make themselves better’ but we don’t even bother doing anything to fix our mediocre behavior and trashy attitude. We clamor for some sort of metamorphosis but we don’t do anything to help it take place. That’s not how it works.

If we truly want change in our community, we shouldn’t just go on a dramatic tirade about it and that’s it, no. If we want change, it should start within ourselves. We cannot be a better and fully-functional community if we have no idea how to be human beings first.