Habang Nagkaklase

may mga panahon habang nagkaklase
na kahit anong gawin mo
walang wala ka nang maintindihan

tipo bang wala ka na sa focus
at nakatitig na lang sa board
minsan na, sa bintana pa ang tingin

magtatanong ang teacher
“class, gets niyo ba?”
tatango ka nang ‘di mo napapansin

at sa oras na magising ka na
mula sa sarili mong mundo
wala kang maintindihan at nakalayo na sila


“No More Time”

I’m just going to flat out say it; don’t take this against me.

I think it’s extremely unfair that the double eliminations rule for the basketball championships was forfeited just because of the lack of time. It’s understandable that they were rushing things due to the limited time reserved at the gym. But, I think it’s a bit frustrating how they sacrificed the “twice to beat” title of the Redvolution just because they were trying to keep a tight schedule. I mean, seriously. They could have just moved the awarding ceremony and held that at school on Monday.

No hard feelings to the Bluebasaurs; they were good. They deserved to win that first game but, there still should have been a second game since the Redvolution haven’t yet previously lost to another team.

Hindi man lang ba naramdaman ng Bluebasaurs na hindi makatarungan ang pagkapanalo ng basketball team dahil na-cancel ang pagiging “twice to beat” ng Redvolution? Mas lalo na’t hindi natuloy ang ikalawang laro dahil lang sa kakulangan ng oras? 

I’m only a student; a part of the audience; a bitter member of the Redvolution, if you may. Wala akong magagawa sapagkat tapos na.

I just hope this incident won’t happen again anytime in the future.

Grade Nine: Program Terminated

<!– Beginning !–>

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko alam kung paano at saan ko ‘to sisimulan.

So much happened within this school year and I’m not really sure if I should be happy or not that grade nine’s ending.

On one hand, I don’t want the good times with the Lithium fam to end.

On the other hand, I’m so tired of all the drama and crap that went on throughout the year, I swear to God. It’s quite saddening that the bad things kinda outweigh the good but, let’s not dwell on that; after all, it’s over and done with.

As is always the case, every school year is a series of ups and downs; this one isn’t an exception. In the school year 2015-2016, I’ve learned quite a lot from each of my classes and subject teachers, lessons relating to life and academics alike. But I suppose, the most important one is the fact that every single person is different; you should learn to respect and appreciate everyone for who they are but, if they’re pushing the boundaries, you should grow a pair and tell them.

Of course, I’m not perfect; I have my fair share of mistakes and shortcomings. I’m quite sure I’ve disappointed quite a lot of people this year and I greatly apologize I didn’t get to live up to your expectations. I’m sorry I failed to be the person you wanted me to be. I’m sorry for not having taken my responsibilities seriously. I’m sorry.

However, despite all the negativity, this year had been fun. I’ve gained new experiences as well as new friends. I’ve become more mature in physical, emotional and mental aspects (possibly even in the spiritual one). To all of my teachers, my classmates, my batchmates and schoolmates, thank you for a productive and interesting school year.

Achievement Unlocked! I survived ninth grade.

<!– End !–>

“I Swear on the River Styx…”

My eyes begin to water as I realize I’ve stared at my laptop screen far too long without blinking. I close my eyes tightly and hot tears come streaming down my cheeks. When the stinging pain subsides, I open my eyes and catch a glimpse of the time.

11:35 PM

It’s nearly the end of another day and I was barely productive. The load of homework I have yet to finish looms high above me and I cringe at the thought of not submitting them all on time. It’s our sembreak but I’m still filled to the brim with stress. What a nice vacation this is.

It’s so messed up, really. They teach us to be scholarly and be on time but we all usually end up cramming and procrastinating… I’m not an exception. I could have finished my Chemistry worksheet days ago but I chose to read a novel that is entirely unrelated to school. I could have finished my Statistics homework but I opted to watch horror short films instead. Well, maybe the difficulty of the tasks at hand is a factor as to why I haven’t touched my papers ever since my first attempt but, that’s beside the point.

I don’t think any of us will be effective scholars until we stop putting things off until the last minute. Procrastination shouldn’t be part of our vocabulary. I know it’s easier said than done but, for our own sake, let’s just do our schoolwork in advance.

I swear on the River Styx that I shall not procrastinate ever again after this moment.

(And then you’ll see me stressing out the day before school resumes because I haven’t finished my requirements yet. Ha ha… hopefully not.)