Ika’y Aking Kasiyahan

Sa’yong pagdating
Buhay ko ay gumanda
‘Wag kang lumisan


Being Sick Is The Worst

It’s been five days and I’m still kinda sick. Well, that sucks.

But, do you know what’s worse? Not being with you.

Sure, we have our daily conversations but I can see that it isn’t enough for us.

I can feel your frustration; I can feel your pain.

I know that you miss me as much as I miss you.

Sadly, there’s nothing much we can do…

Unless someone somehow invents portals that could connect our rooms.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just go back to missing you…

… and waiting for classes to start up again so we could see each other every day.


wala akong pakialam
sa sasabihin ng iba
sapagkat alam kong
mahal na mahal kita

ikaw ang ninanais
makasama habang buhay
bata pa man tayo’y
ayaw ko na sa iyo’y mawalay

malapit na ang ating
ikatlong taon ng pagsasama
ikaw ang aking kasiyahan
at mahal na mahal kita

It’s All So Messed Up

What’s worse than fighting is not talking at all.

It drives me crazy whenever we’re just sat in silence and there’s an unbearable tension between the both of us. We both are hesitant to make the first move so instead, we do nothing. Nothing. We don’t talk, we don’t smile; hell, we don’t even dare to look at each other. What have we come to?

“There’s nothing wrong.” Well, there clearly is something amiss and it bothers me to no end. I know you aren’t fine and your aura is downright depressing. Our situation is depressing.

But seriously, the light in your eyes is barely there and it seems like a cloud of gloom follows you everywhere you go. I hate seeing you like that. It makes me feel so bad and I want to help you, whatever your problem is. You tell me it’s nothing but it clearly is something if it bothers you so much. Ugh. Now I know what other people feel like when I am acting exactly the way you are.

But hell, even if you don’t want to talk about it or whatever, I’ll just be here waiting for you (and silently hoping that all this will end soon).

Undying Love

roses’ scents still remain
even after their demise
like your ghost that still lingers
in the corner of my eyes

i find that my heart continues
to steadily beat for you
it longs for your return
instead of looking for love anew

my love, i miss you terribly
it’s just been twenty days
since the time i saw you last
leaving me numb and gray

your pain and hurt reverberate
piercing flesh and bone
even when drawing your last breath
you let your love be known

you were a valiant warrior
who fought until the end
you ripped apart my very being
no one can ever mend

my love, it’s been a year
since we lowered you into the ground
life was agonizingly slow
my dear, without you around

my heart incessantly aches
my soul’s in constant search
of the reason as to why you passed
before we could exchange our vows in church

slowly drowning in my sorrow
it’s hard to keep up a positive facade
in this downward spiral to depression
my health slowly degrades

my vision’s starting to fail me
everything’s all a blur
shadows begin to dominate
as i watch in morbid wonder

in the darkness, you are all i see
you’re my lone source of light
in this dark abyss of suffering
i pray you end my plight

my love, it’s been two years
since we lowered you into the ground
soon we’ll see each other again
for i’ll be joining you underground

i tried to continue on with life
but it proved to be too difficult a task
for a part of me is imbibed in you
and i cannot live without a flask

all the days i now spend lying down
death’s waiting by my bed
i accept my fate and think of you
as towards the light i head

Everything’s Dull But You’re Screaming Colors

the lights shine brightly
against the darkened sky
it is in your company
that i watch the day go by

clouds as soft as cotton
shield the sun from view
an otherwise ravishing sunset
filled now with dull, gray hues

my gaze sweeps the horizon
i bask in nature’s beauty
but it is in your eyes
i found a love so mighty

all around, i only see
dark, diminished blues
it’s you who gives me color
to paint the moments i choose