What do you want to know about me?

HI! You can call me Diane or Dee; whichever you prefer.

I’m a seventeen year old girl who’s got hopes and dreams like everyone else. I’m currently in 11th grade at PSHS-CARC, and I plan to take BS Psychology when I get to college.

I like animals. I have a dog: a Shih Tzu named Chelsea. She gives me more joy in life. Although, she’s not that into people she doesn’t live with haha.

I’m a reader/writer, singer-songwriter who occasionally dances and fangirls. In my spare time, I also watch movies or catch up on TV series; even take photos here and there. Oh and I make videos on YouTube. I post covers, blogs, and original songs. My recordings can also be found on Soundcloud, or Tumblr (although, the ones on Tumblr are the older ones).

Aside from these things, I also really enjoy listening to music. The songs on my phone are actually pretty diverse and are of different genres. dodie, Oh Wonder, Reese Lansangan, Tessa Violet; these are just a few artists I listen to at the moment.

Anyway, in this blog, I’ll write about whatever comes to mind or whenever inspiration strikes. So, while you’re at it, have fun reading pieces of my heart, mind, and soul.

((If you want to know more, you could check out this song I have on YouTube: Little Things About Me))


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