“No More Time”

I’m just going to flat out say it; don’t take this against me.

I think it’s extremely unfair that the double eliminations rule for the basketball championships was forfeited just because of the lack of time. It’s understandable that they were rushing things due to the limited time reserved at the gym. But, I think it’s a bit frustrating how they sacrificed the “twice to beat” title of the Redvolution just because they were trying to keep a tight schedule. I mean, seriously. They could have just moved the awarding ceremony and held that at school on Monday.

No hard feelings to the Bluebasaurs; they were good. They deserved to win that first game but, there still should have been a second game since the Redvolution haven’t yet previously lost to another team.

Hindi man lang ba naramdaman ng Bluebasaurs na hindi makatarungan ang pagkapanalo ng basketball team dahil na-cancel ang pagiging “twice to beat” ng Redvolution? Mas lalo na’t hindi natuloy ang ikalawang laro dahil lang sa kakulangan ng oras? 

I’m only a student; a part of the audience; a bitter member of the Redvolution, if you may. Wala akong magagawa sapagkat tapos na.

I just hope this incident won’t happen again anytime in the future.


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