Grade Nine: Program Terminated

<!– Beginning !–>

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko alam kung paano at saan ko ‘to sisimulan.

So much happened within this school year and I’m not really sure if I should be happy or not that grade nine’s ending.

On one hand, I don’t want the good times with the Lithium fam to end.

On the other hand, I’m so tired of all the drama and crap that went on throughout the year, I swear to God. It’s quite saddening that the bad things kinda outweigh the good but, let’s not dwell on that; after all, it’s over and done with.

As is always the case, every school year is a series of ups and downs; this one isn’t an exception. In the school year 2015-2016, I’ve learned quite a lot from each of my classes and subject teachers, lessons relating to life and academics alike. But I suppose, the most important one is the fact that every single person is different; you should learn to respect and appreciate everyone for who they are but, if they’re pushing the boundaries, you should grow a pair and tell them.

Of course, I’m not perfect; I have my fair share of mistakes and shortcomings. I’m quite sure I’ve disappointed quite a lot of people this year and I greatly apologize I didn’t get to live up to your expectations. I’m sorry I failed to be the person you wanted me to be. I’m sorry for not having taken my responsibilities seriously. I’m sorry.

However, despite all the negativity, this year had been fun. I’ve gained new experiences¬†as well as new friends. I’ve become more mature in physical, emotional and mental aspects (possibly even in the spiritual one). To all of my¬†teachers, my classmates, my batchmates and schoolmates, thank you for a productive and interesting school year.

Achievement Unlocked! I survived ninth grade.

<!– End !–>


Happy Mother’s Day

To the person who brought me into this world,
Happy Mother’s Day.

I grew up not knowing who you are
or where you’re from
but it doesn’t matter, really.

I can’t truly consider you a parent.

You left me.
That kinda means you gave up the privileges.

Don’t worry, though.
I don’t have a grudge against you.
I used to, but not anymore.
I’m at peace with it all now, I guess.

All I want to say is thank you.
Thank you for allowing me to live on this planet.
Even if the conditions that led up to my birth were unfavorable and harsh.

I hope you’re doing fine
with your family wherever you are.

I hope my brother’s alright,
growing up in a love-filled environment
with you and his father.

To my mom, to my birth parent, to the person who gave me life,
Happy Mother’s Day.

Saloobin Ukol Sa ‘Yo

hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit
ganoon na lamang ang dating
ng iyong mga aksyon at galawan
pagdating sa akin

napapasabi ako ng mura
at ewan, iritang irita
ako sa mga sinasabi mong
walang kwenta at kung ano pa

siguro ako lang nakakakita
pero sobrang pakitang tao kasi
ng mga salitang binibitiwan mo
mas lalo na sa harapan niya

bakit ba ang duwag mo?
di mo ba siya kayang harapin?
para kang nagbabait-baitan
para lang ‘di mapasama sa gulo

ayoko na, ititigil ko na to
baka kung ano pa ang aking mabigkas
pero please, wag maging asumero
mabuti pa’t mag-aral nalang