Uncontrollable Rage

my heart pumps blood through my body
at a hundred miles per hour
my body trembles incessantly
after seemingly going to war

a heat traversed my being
i could feel it in my veins
when i opened my mouth to shout
i had let go of my reigns

the minute that the words left my lips
my body pulsed with heat
with shaking hands, i felt weak
feeling on edge on my seat

because of their noise and impertinence
my rage exploded and grew
they just had to be so obnoxious
if i could only shut their mouths with glue


Footnote (a little backstory):

It just annoyed me how a couple of my classmates were being so loud during our morning break, disregarding one person’s request to for them to quiet down. I mean, seriously; they weren’t the only people in the classroom. I don’t know what made me shout at them but I was overcome by annoyance. “If you don’t shut up, I’ll shut your mouths for you.” Those were my exact words. As much as this short outburst negatively affected me, at least they did quiet down. The fast heart rate and trembling afterwards was worth it.


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