Near – Breaking Point

There are days when even the most trivial things can get on my nerves. My temper flares even at the slightest provocation and I get really worked up. Challenge me to a debate match on one of these days and I’d probably be yelling within ten minutes (maybe even less).

During these times, I find that my patience is as short as I am (and that’s saying a lot since I’m not even 5 feet tall). Try to say something stupid or ask a question that can easily be answered if you used your common sense and I’ll punch you. See my eyes? They’re rolling like bowling balls inside their sockets. That’s how annoyed I am.

Seriously though, it seems as if “common sense” doesn’t deserve its name anymore; it’s barely even “common” nowadays. It’s frutrating.

Say for example, you walk along the corridor of your school and someone throws a candy wrapper just wherever. I find myself staring daggers at them and they don’t even notice. There’s a trash can right beside you and you don’t make use of it. Do you want me to throw you out of the window? No? Well, you should know better than to litter in front of me. *sighs dramatically* In my opinion and perspective, too many annoying and ‘common sense’-less people exist and it just drives me insane.

I don’t honestly know what the point of this entire thing is *gestures toward the text I wrote above* but, maybe I just want to let out all these pent up feelings. 


It’s All So Messed Up

What’s worse than fighting is not talking at all.

It drives me crazy whenever we’re just sat in silence and there’s an unbearable tension between the both of us. We both are hesitant to make the first move so instead, we do nothing. Nothing. We don’t talk, we don’t smile; hell, we don’t even dare to look at each other. What have we come to?

“There’s nothing wrong.” Well, there clearly is something amiss and it bothers me to no end. I know you aren’t fine and your aura is downright depressing. Our situation is depressing.

But seriously, the light in your eyes is barely there and it seems like a cloud of gloom follows you everywhere you go. I hate seeing you like that. It makes me feel so bad and I want to help you, whatever your problem is. You tell me it’s nothing but it clearly is something if it bothers you so much. Ugh. Now I know what other people feel like when I am acting exactly the way you are.

But hell, even if you don’t want to talk about it or whatever, I’ll just be here waiting for you (and silently hoping that all this will end soon).