the feeling of having drunk
a dozen glasses of wine
the jetlag, the exhaustion
i don’t even feel fine

feeling like paper
so light, just floating about
skin so hot, feverish
the heat cannot amount

to anything; confusion
i can barely understand
what’s going on around me
it all seems so bland


Undying Love

roses’ scents still remain
even after their demise
like your ghost that still lingers
in the corner of my eyes

i find that my heart continues
to steadily beat for you
it longs for your return
instead of looking for love anew

my love, i miss you terribly
it’s just been twenty days
since the time i saw you last
leaving me numb and gray

your pain and hurt reverberate
piercing flesh and bone
even when drawing your last breath
you let your love be known

you were a valiant warrior
who fought until the end
you ripped apart my very being
no one can ever mend

my love, it’s been a year
since we lowered you into the ground
life was agonizingly slow
my dear, without you around

my heart incessantly aches
my soul’s in constant search
of the reason as to why you passed
before we could exchange our vows in church

slowly drowning in my sorrow
it’s hard to keep up a positive facade
in this downward spiral to depression
my health slowly degrades

my vision’s starting to fail me
everything’s all a blur
shadows begin to dominate
as i watch in morbid wonder

in the darkness, you are all i see
you’re my lone source of light
in this dark abyss of suffering
i pray you end my plight

my love, it’s been two years
since we lowered you into the ground
soon we’ll see each other again
for i’ll be joining you underground

i tried to continue on with life
but it proved to be too difficult a task
for a part of me is imbibed in you
and i cannot live without a flask

all the days i now spend lying down
death’s waiting by my bed
i accept my fate and think of you
as towards the light i head