To Change or Not To Change

We always seem to question the people around us. We almost always criticize their ways and the outputs they create. We are always on the ready to point out other people’s mistakes, no matter how little, and ridicule them for their wrongdoing. Did we even bother considering that these people are also humans who commit mistakes? Hell, even the best of machines have that 0.01% chance of messing up. Nothing can ever be perfect. Nothing.

Before we go about demanding for change in society, we should look at ourselves first. We go around criticizing every person we see and mentioning how they could ‘make themselves better’ but we don’t even bother doing anything to fix our mediocre behavior and trashy attitude. We clamor for some sort of metamorphosis but we don’t do anything to help it take place. That’s not how it works.

If we truly want change in our community, we shouldn’t just go on a dramatic tirade about it and that’s it, no. If we want change, it should start within ourselves. We cannot be a better and fully-functional community if we have no idea how to be human beings first.


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